Brodbeck Family Cemetery

Memorial Brick Project

        It is the determined desire of the descendants of Jacob and Christine Brodbeck to be afforded the responsibility to care in perpetuity for the final resting place of their dear ancestors, unsere Opa und Oma.  Realizing that this incurs more than time and energy, a means for accumulating funds has been offered: Memorial Bricks.

A concrete platform was installed November 10, 2018 for the first set of 261 bricks.  The first set was installed June 18, 2019.  They look beautiful and connect us to our family in an honorable way.

Orders are being taken.  Each brick is available for the amount of $125.00.  In order to maintain the dignity and sanctity of the cemetery, engravings will be reviewed by the Board of Directors before sent to the engraver.  The first order has been sent to the engraver.  Remember, these will become a permanent part of the cemetery.

You can still continue to order!  


Checks may be made out to:

The Jacob and Christine Brodbeck Foundation,

sent to:

        The Jacob and Christine Brodbeck Foundation


        Reta Killingsworth, Treasurer

        110 High Sierra Drive

        Seguin, TX 78155

< Download the brick order form here!


Download the order form, complete, and either

(A) mail to Reta with a check/money order, OR

(B) download and complete the form, scan and then email to the foundation website and click on the "Order Now" button above to pay.       


*Payments go directly into the foundation account.*

Phase One of the Memorial Brick Project is complete!

There are still many blank spaces to fill.  You can order anytime.

Be sure to visit and see your bricks in place.

Phase Two is in the planning stages and will include concrete benches.

Brick project layment JUNE 2019.jpg
Memorial Brick Order Form - Copy (2).jpg