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Henry Brodbeck family.jpeg

Mrs. Henry (Anna Sauer) Brodbeck

and children

From Left: 

Emma Brodbeck (married Henry Meier)

Selma Brodbeck (never married)

Walter Brodbeck (never married)

Meta Brodbeck (married Edward Deike)

Alfred Brodbeck (married Lonnie Lange)

Elsa Brodbeck (married Herman Ahrens, Sr.)

Seated is Anna Sauer Brodbeck

Henry was the oldest child of Jacob and Christine. He and Anna had 8 children, 6 of whom grew to adulthood. One baby, Agnes Louise, was stillborn in 1899 and is buried in the Brodbeck Family Cemetery. The other child, Emil Heinrich, was born March 5, 1910 and died 5 days later. He is buried at Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery in Stonewall, Texas. 

Henry developed cancer and traveled to Chicago to receive treatment. He died there in 1910 just 3 months after his son, Emil, died. His father, Jacob, had died in January of that year.

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