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The Story of Jacob Brodbeck and his 1865 Airship

Iris Brodbeck Macek

front cover art Kneese 8-001.jpg

      After a lifetime of compiling the many stories passed on from her elders, former schoolteacher, Iris Macek, has written an exciting and engaging story about her great-grandfather Jacob Brodbeck. From the prologue, the reader is taken by the hand on an imaginative eyewitness experience of the travels and trials immigrant teacher and inventor Jakob Brodbeck encountered as he gained his foothold in Texas.  This historically accurate fictional biography immerses the reader in the lives of Jakob and his brother, Johann as they begin their new life in this foreign environment.  Filling the pages are a selection of photographs and drawings collected over the years relating to some of the events, people, and places in Jacob's life.  On the cover of the book is a copy of the original watercolor of Jacob Brodbeck's Airship rendered by Elnora Neumann Kneese, another great granddaughter of Jacob and Christine Brodbeck.  Other illustrations were drawn by Iris's talented granddaughter Molly Macek. 


The book is now available! Get yours today at the reunions.

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