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Based on the real-life events of Jacob Brodbeck, WINGS OVER LUCKENBACH, takes the reader on a journey of Brodbeck's life-long quest to construct and fly an air ship in 1865. As he confronts the obstacles of human flight, he is aided by his loyal brother, Johann. Leaving Germany for the freedom-loving republic of Texas, the brothers endure a treacherous ocean crossing before arriving in Galveston, Texas, in 1846. The harsh and rugged conditions of the Texas frontier force them to learn survival skills before inventor/teacher Jacob can explore his newly found dream of conquering human flight. From the Texas coastline encampment of Indianola to the settlements of Fredericksburg and Luckenbach, the brothers face the daunting task of building homes and schools while contending with the ever present danger of the Comanche Indians and roving outlaws. Love and the loss of love test the fiber of these men's souls as Jacob, aided by Johann's support, steadfastly believes God's calling on his life to bring flight to mankind.

Wings Over Luckenbach Book

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  • Biographical fiction book about Jacob Brodbeck by Iris Brodbeck Macek. Illustrations by Molly Macek and Cover Art by Elnora Kneese.

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